Appointment of new Group President of Grundfos

Carsten Bjerg, who is 47 years old, joined Grundfos Management 10 years ago, and since 2000 he has been a member of Group Management. Since January 2003 Carsten Bjerg has been Vice Group President and responsible for group production and research and development. During this period he has made an outstanding contribution to the Grundfos Group’s continued growth. Among other things Carsten Bjerg is responsible for the special innovation process that was started in 2006.

The Board is sure that the appointment of Carsten Bjerg will enable us to continue full speed ahead towards even greater integration of sustainability in the Grundfos business – a Grundfos known as the producer of unique, innovative product solutions and a Grundfos that in the coming years will shape its course for a wider business platform with new and interesting business areas within environmental technology. This will strengthen the present pump business further.

The Board is looking forward to a good and productive cooperation with Group President Carsten Bjerg and the whole Group Management.

Facts about the Grundfos Group
With more than 15,000 employees, the Grundfos Group works with development, production and sales of pumps. The Group is represented through its own sales companies in 41 countries and reached a turnover of € 2bn in 2006.