Assistance for flood victims

Grundfos donates DKK 5m for assistance in the affected region. The major part of the amount will be used for the reestablishment of water supply and the purchase of water purification units ensuring the people in the areas affected by the disaster can procure clean water. This part of the assistance will be given in co-operation with the UN and the Group’s customers within water purification equipment.

DKK 1m of the 5 millions will be donated to the Danish Red Cross’ relief work in the region and in addition money will be earmarked for helping local staff, customers and suppliers affected by the disaster.

In addition to this all Grundfos companies worldwide will launch an appeal for the flood victims, each company deciding how it will be best to offer assistance.

”We are witnessing the biggest natural disaster of our times and so it is natural for Grundfos, being a responsible company with global presence, to offer assistance in a way that ensures the local people affected by the flood will get best possible help,” said Group President, Mr Jens Jørgen Madsen.