BEO Launching in Indonesia

ASTON DENPASAR – BALI, 15 November 2014

Nowadays, as many companies and organizations are getting more concern about the environment. There is an indication that many business owners are implementing environmentally friendly behavior as an important part of their corporate strategy.

The simplest strategy, yet provides considerable result, is called "Energy Saving", it would not only save the environment by the reduction of CO2 emissions, but financially the company gains the advantage from the reduction of operating cost.

Grundfos as one of the ‘Go Green’ pioneers in the world, is always working to develop solutions that are environmentally  friendly by focusing on energy-efficient products. One of the energy saving program, promoted by Grundfos is "Boost Energy Optimization” or commonly known as “BEO".

BEO program offers a method of energy saving thru Energy Check, so, what is the meaning of energy check ?

Energy Check is a free offer that gives the customers an option of replacing their old constant speed pump with energy-efficient pumps. Grundfos experts will visit the customer and make a survey of non-intrusive pump based on all the data that exists in the system owned by the customers.

After all supporting variables are recorded, the customer will get a comprehensive report containing estimates of energy usage and financial savings that can be obtained should customer decided to replace with new energy-efficient pumps. Energy Check is also a proper way to identify targets for more advance Pump Audit process.

In order to introduce this concept more widely in Indonesia, Grundfos held an one day BEO seminar with the theme “PUMPING SYSTEM ENERGY OPTIMIZATION – HIDDEN OPPORTUNITY FOR HOTELS & RESORTS” in Denpasar, Bali, on November 15, which is attended by more than 200 Chief Engineers for various companies . The enthusiasm of the Chief Engineers were reflected by their early registration before the seminar started. Likewise, the Keynote Speaker in this seminar, Prof. DR. Ir. Iwa Garniwa which is an energy expert in Indonesia, became one of the strong motivation for the success of this event, in addition to the Energy Saving Grundfos concept that has been long - awaited by attendees.

Opened by the Managing Director of PT. Grundfos Pompa, Mr. Gert Borrits, followed with opening speech by the Chairman of the Association of Chief Engineer Bali (ACE), Mr. Ary Wibowo. After that, we continue with the main event Scientific Presentation by Prof. DR. Ir. Iwa Garniwa about “PUMPING SYSTEM ENERGY OPTIMIZATION – HIDDEN OPPORTUNITY  FOR HOTELS & RESORTS”.

This seminar ended with some presentation about The Concept of Energy Saving Grundfos from Mr. Supriyadi (Technical Manager of PT. Grundfos Pompa) and Mr. Richard (BEO Manager of PT. Grundfos Pompa). Surely, the support from Grundfos Authorized Dealer in Bali, PT. Sakapafirma also contribute to the successful implementation of this event.