Best Car Wash in Berlin

Cars are queuing up in Potsdamer Straße in Berlin. One car after the next is driving into the car wash – and not just any old car wash, but the cleanest and best smelling car wash in the capital and perhaps even in all of Germany. Right at the entrance, the new foam arch covers the vehicle with a gently cleaning carpet of foam, which even lights up in different colours.

The company is called COSY-WASCH and has earned itself a solid reputation since its inception in 1966 in Berlin. According to them, if they lined up all the cars that they have washed over these years it would extend all the way from earth to the moon and back again. Today, COSY-WASCH operates several car washes in greater Berlin and the surrounding area.

Washing so many cars consumes large amounts of water, energy and cleaning agents. Hence, the company has made sure from the start that their car washing systems are equipped with the latest technology.

Everything under control
“I prefer to create my own system. I know that other companies use plug-and-play solutions, but I prefer to develop my own. I want the cars to be washed perfectly, and I want a system with a long service life that reduces operating costs,” says Managing Director Mark-Werner Helmer.

COSY-WASCH in Potsdamer Straße is the latest example of a high-tech car wash that uses the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced dosing and sensor solutions, as well as a cloud-based monitoring system. Not to mention the energy efficient centrifugal pumps with integrated, highly efficient IE5 motor technology that contributes to substantial savings on electricity costs.

The entire core component of the system was recently upgraded to the most advanced level using the latest models of CRE, CME and NB pumps. Using speed control, they ensure that the system ejects the water with the right pressure and at the right time. 15 SMART DIGITAL DDA dosing pumps always make sure that only the required amount of soap and cleaning agents are used. They can also be monitored online. Specifically for this purpose, COSY-WASCH uses the Grundfos SYSMON Cloud, which comprises all pumps and sensors and thus ensures effortless monitoring.

Crystal clear benefits
“I have very high expectations of the IoT system. It will reduce our consumption of chemicals, save time, and improve our performance and our environmental footprint. I am delighted that all components are so well coordinated that I can monitor everything from everywhere,” says Mark-Werner Helmer.

In addition, his employees now use a special Grundfos app when replacing chemicals to prevent a mix-up of canisters. Moreover, the filling levels of the canisters can be monitored using the app and new canisters can be ordered in good time.

The entire installation was developed in close cooperation between Grundfos Germany, Grundfos Digital Commercial Offerings and COSY-WASCH. In hindsight, Rainer Schmitz, Business Development Manager, believes that the teamwork and cooperation in particular were excellent.

Designed for success
“It all started with a digital campaign for Smart Digital. In fact, the initial plan involved replacing the existing non-speed-controlled pumps with exactly the same models. This plan was eventually discarded, and the customer opted for energy-saving, variable-speed E-pumps, Grundfos direct sensors and high-precision SMART Digital dosing pumps. Originally, a third-party company for systems integration was meant to provide the monitoring system, but with our SYSMON Cloud platform, we were able to offer a better overall package. Since we know very well how our products operate in specific applications, we were able to make useful suggestions for optimising the system and preventive maintenance – and not just in regard to the monitoring.  After the replacement, the energy consumption of a single pump dropped dramatically from 2.2 to 0.8 kW.

The car wash in Potsdamer Straße was the first to be upgraded with the Grundfos technology. Soon the next COSY-WASCH car wash will be equipped with iSOLUTIONS products and the Grundfos Cloud platform.