Best in class

The members had selected Grundfos as the venue of a ’best in class’ event about our unique and highly respected way of handling specific issues within sustainability, innovation and corporate culture.
The network of Wavelength Companies collect ambitious companies and managers, offering them the opportunity to share knowledge of best practise.

Among the speakers of the day was Lisbeth Thyge Frandsen, Group Senior Vice President for People & Strategy, and she is quite certain that the event benefited participants as well as Grundfos:

- The participants said it was of great value seeing the way in which we combine theory and practise. Us realising our values, hearing water trickling out of the taps of Grundfos Lifelink units in Kenya. Or seeing in our factories how our principles of Grundfos Shop-foor Excellence reach all corners of production, she said.

A natural element
The participants in the network were a varied group of representatives from big well-established companies such as Vodafone and Rolls Royce, as well as smaller companies and social contractors.
They all shared the wish for making out Grundfos’ successful way of handling and implementing sustainability.

The programme included a discussion of how sustainability is a completely natural part of everything – from management philosophy, values and staff, to specific products and the bottom line.

In addition to Ms Thyge Frandsen, speakers included Group Chairman, Lars Kolind, Director of Sustainability and CSR, Pernille Blach Hansen, Hermann Brennecke, Managing Director GWS, Niels Møller Jensen, Managing Director GBJ, and Peter Todbjerg Hansen, Managing Director of Grudnfos Lifelink. Group President, Carsten Bjerg dropped by for lunch, making an informal speech about the importance of values for his management philosophy.