Bigger and better than ever: Grundfos Olympics is back

Grundfos staff from all over the world are setting their sights towards Bjerringbro these days. The Danish town and home of company headquarters will once again host the Grundfos Olympics. A sports event, where employees are invited to meet, greet and compete.

The event is held under the banner of teambuilding and friendship and it gives staff a unique opportunity to forge closer ties with colleagues, they’ve only met online and create entirely new friendships with coworkers, they have never met.

This is the seventh time the event is held, but never before have there been so many participants.

- It will be a unique opportunity for staff to meet for sports and being together. In addition to the sports activities, our foreign colleagues will meet their Danish colleagues as they will be lodged at the homes of Danish hosts, said Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Group Vice President, Group Communications.

Olympic dimensions
The participants will arrive during Thursday 14 May and in the evening of that day there will be a magnificent opening ceremony with a really Olympic opening procession outside the Grundfos Centre. The citizens of Bjerringbro are invited to attend this ceremony as well as follow the live competitions. On Sunday 17 May the participants will leave Bjerringbro for home.

- The topic of this event is sustainability and so every effort is made to make Grundfos Olympics as environmentally friendly as possible. For instance, there are t-shirts made of recycled plastic bottles, electric cars will be used and an Olympic forest will be planted to contribute to the reduction of carbon emission, Mr Skibsted said.

Facts about Grundfos Olympics

The first Grundfos Olympics was held in 1989.

There will be participants from 55 countries.

The participants from abroad will be lodged at the homes of their Danish colleagues.

The event will feature 73 disciplines in 26 sports.

There are tents for a large number of activities and entertainment arranged by the regions of the Grundfos Group.