BioBooster member of top-100 sustainable solutions

Sustainia100 presents this year’s 100 most innovative and impactful solutions, chosen from more than 500 nominated projects and technologies. One of them is Grundfos BioBooster. The solution for decentralised waste water treatment was selected as part of Sustainia100 because of its positive social, economic and environmental impact on local communities.

- Sustainia does a great job of promoting sustainable solutions, and therefore it is a great honour for us to be picked out, says Søren Nøhr Bak, Segment Director, and adds the importance of Grundfos being known as a company that provides sustainable solutions.

This has not missed the eyes of Sustainia-founder, Erik Rasmussen, who gives praise to all the solutions nominated for this year’s shortlist:

- They are true action heroes of sustainability. In each their field, these solutions have proved that sustainable alternatives are not only available, but also attractive, competitive and successful. Each and every solution give us hope for a faster transformation to a sustainable future, he says.

Sustainia100 is a tool for investors, business leaders, decision makers and consumers as it provides insights to the most promising solutions at the forefront of sustainable transformation.


Local wastewater treatment

Søren Nøhr Bak explains that the decentralized wastewater treatment system, which Grundfos BioBooster offers, fulfills two main objectives:

- First of all, some people around the world are in need of water locally and therefore it is of utmost importance that we treat the water locally, so it can be reused. The second thing is that we should avoid long pipelines to central wastewater plants, because it is expensive and not very sustainable.

He believes that being elected as one of the most sustainable solutions, Grundfos BioBooster will become the talk of town in sustainability oriented circles, but he is also certain that this will have a ripple effect.

- Our solution is a part of a paradigm shift, where more and more people around the world are aware of the fact that we have to utilize the water where it is, says Søren Nøhr Bak.

As a selected Sustainia100 solution, Grundfos BioBooster also enters the field of nominees for an international sustainability award, The Sustainia Award.

Last year Grundfos Lifelink was nominated for the Sustainia Award as well as one of the top-100 companies chosen by Sustainia.