Grundfos BioBooster solves Norwegian challenge

A fascinating project is being realised in Hemsedal Municipality in Norway. The municipality asked Grundfos BioBooster for a solution that could improve wastewater treatment. With a sustainable approach, the project will meet the challenge of decentralised wastewater treatment in the municipality.

- Cooperation with Hemsedal Municipality is a challenging opportunity of creating new technology meeting the special challenges facing the Norwegian treatment plant with a decentralised wastewater infra structure and the size of the treatment plants, said Grundfos BioBooster Sales Director, Per Krøyer Kristensen.

The perspectives of the agreement are the development of solutions benefiting small treatment plants in Norway, increasing the treatment capacities and integrating existing plants.

Additional capacity required 
Hemsedal is known as one of Norway’s most popular ski resorts. A relatively small society which, however, during the winter season is populated by an increasing number of tourists. This has been particularly obvious for the past few years.

The invasion of tourists in Hemsedal is reflected in the amount of waste water. Hemsedal Municipality is faced with the same problem as many other tourist resorts – the need for expanded capacity for treating the increasing amounts of waste water.

- In Hemsedal we have clean and crystal-clear water from nature. Consequently, our water resources are extremely vulnerable to external impact. With this cooperation we have a unique opportunity to influence and assist in the development of new technologies which will eventually benefit the environment, said Head of Technical Management in Hemsedal Municipality, Bjørn Olav Viken.

Compact solution 
Hemsedal has several water treatment plants in a decentralised structure, as the water is treated and purified in the nearest river. The municipality has considered the possibility of pumping waste water to a plant several kilometres away but the costs of piping and pumping would be too high. In addition, the municipality does not want to disturb the natural environment, which would be the result of an expanded wastewater infra structure.

To ensure the biological process will continue despite the low temperatures in the Norwegian climate, most of the treatment plants in Norway are located in small buildings. Consequently, the size of a treatment plant is decisive.

Grundfos BioBooster offers a compact solution with high water quality. In the coming months, the joint development project will be realised and Grundfos BioBooster, in addition to know-how, can contribute with its MBR, Membrane BioReactor, a technology that ensures that treated water will be sterile.