Born as a classic

In early 2005, the Durst Organization, a well know New York developer and engineering firm, Jaros Baum and Bolles (JB&B) approached GA Fleet, the long time Peerless representative agent in New York to inquire if Peerless would build several high pressure versions of their existing pump models.

- GA Fleet had enjoyed a long history with both organizations and had the task of convincing Peerless to invest the time and resources to develop pump cases to withstand over 400 psi suction pressure. Little did we know at that time that Peerless would be involved in one of the most important buildings to be built in the United States in recent history, says Tim Ballengee, General Manager at Peerless Pump.

Awarded building
One Bryant Park is also known as the Bank of America Tower and today the bank occupies over half of the 55-story tower. The tower initially opened it’s doors in early 2009. In mid 2010, the project was awarded the coveted LEED Platinum Certification from the US Green Building Council, the first of such in New York City and the first of its kind for new construction for a high rise building. The building stands over 366 meters (1,200 ft.) tall and is currently the second tallest building in NYC after the Empire State Building.

Modified to higher pressure
The pumps, that Peerless was asked to modify, were used in the tower’s HVAC systems for condensate and chilled water. A total of 20 split case pumps were modified to include ductile iron to provide extra case thickness as well as additional bolting to allow for the extended suction pressure.

- The pumps that included thicker shafts and special seals permitted for a casing rating of 600 psi. The higher pressure rating and proven hydraulics in the split case pumps allowed the tower design team to save space and energy by deleting additional smaller pumps and heat exchangers typically used for intermediate pressure breaks. This method also allows the chillers to run more efficiently, says Tim Ballengee.

Succes on every level
Peerless and GA Fleet were also successful in providing nearly every pump in the high-rise building. The plumbing booster pumps, domestic water pumps, cooling tower pumps, greywater and greywater filter pumps are all Peerless Pumps. The multi stage Peerless fire pump provides basement to ceiling pressure for the manual fire fighting system in the building. The multi-zone automatic sprinkler fire system also uses Peerless pumps as their source. In all, over 40 Peerless Pumps are installed and working in One Bryant Park.

- Peerless Pump has enjoyed a long history of high rise pump installations all over the world, but for sure everyone at Peerless Pump is especially proud to be associated with this historic building, explains Tim Ballengee.

Features of One Bryant Park
One Bryant Park achieved the Platinum status with many unique environmental friendly features, including the use of high performance, fritted glass. An automatic light dimming system dims the artificial light if the sun is in full view. The exterior was constructed with a mixture of slag with cement that helped to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide greenhouse gas produced through normal cement manufacturing. Rainwater as well as greywater (wastewater) are reused saving up to 7.7 million gallons of water each year as well as prevent storm run-off from pouring polluted water into the city’s rivers. The building was designed with an on-site co-generation plant that provides over 67 percent of the annual energy needs. A unique cooling system produces and stores ice during off-peak hours, and allows the ice to melt to help cool the building during peak loads.

Facts about Peerless
Established in 1923 mainly to serve the California agriculture market, Peerless Pump Company has roots in the pump business dating back to 1859, when the Taber - a Peerless brand - Pump Company was founded.

When acquired by Grundfos in December of 2007, Peerless had become a world leader in the design and manufacture of pumps for fire protection, vertical turbine pumps as well as many applications in the industrial, commercial, municipal and irrigation segments.

Peerless branded pumps can be found in many of the world’s highest valued properties and provide fire protection for most of the world’s tallest buildings.