Great Grundfos pumps help quench thirst

Taiwan Filler Technology Company, Ltd. (TFTC) is a leading F&B machinery manufacturer with customers spread over most of South-East Asia. Their consulting work – using Grundfos pumps – helps provide great tasting, safe bottled water to thirsty customers in Thailand.

Mention the name “Singha” to pretty much anyone in Thailand, and their face will almost undoubtedly light up in recognition. As one of Thailand’s most popular brands within beer and soft drinks, the Singha name is known as a quality product within beer, water, juices, tea and coffee. TFTC was contracted by Singha owner Boon Rawd Brewery to replace some pumps in one of their six soda water and drinking water factories in Thailand. For TFTC, the utmost in reliability and efficiency was required.

TFTC began with selecting one Grundfos F&B II KS 65/65 5.5kW 2P pump. This compact pump delivers up to 30 m head at a maximum flow of 24 m³/hour. At a high degree of efficiency, it plays an important role in a bottle washing solution. With the bottles being cleaned on the inside as well as the outside, two sets of Grundfos CHI 4-40 pumps add to the F&B pumps, supplementing performance and adding reliability to the solution. These horisontal pumps provide pressure boosting to the process water employed.

According to Assistant Engineering Manager Chun-Hsiung Chang of TFTC, the product quality he has experienced has fully lived up to the Grundfos name. “I knew of Grundfos beforehand, but didn’t have a lot of experience working with their products. I have experienced excellent performance and service so far, with stable performance and reliability.”