Carsten Bjerg discussed water efficiency with the Environment Commissioner of EU

The water regulation in EU must be more ambitious according to Carsten Bjerg. He therefore emphasized on the necessity of EU considering water as a scarce resource and thereby organizes initiatives which can help secure water supply in the future.

- I told the commissioner that Grundfos wants a special focus on water efficiency, because we believe that a more ambitious EU-regulation can help promote the usage of innovative technology solutions regarding water.

After the meeting with Carsten Bjerg, the Environmental Commissioner of EU, Janez Potocnik, said:

- Protecting our water resources is a key to sustainable development. Grundfos demonstrates that new solutions are a crucial part of the answer.

Besides talking about the water regulation in EU, time was also found to tell the Environmental Commissioner about Grundfos’ approach to Rio+20, where sustainable development is on the agenda. According to Carsten Bjerg the message is clear:

- We want to tell the politicians that we already have the technologies needed to solve many of the water challenges that the world will be faced with. But it will take a stricter legislation and a harder regulation.