CBS Goes to Manado

Day 1.

On May 29, 2015 early morning, precisely at 4 AM, the entire group had agreed to make Gate 4 Terminal 2F Soekarno Hatta International Airport as their meeting point. After passing through the check-in processed and wait in the waiting room, the whole group was eventually get on the plane to travel to Manado City for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes.

After the group arived in Manado City, the group was greeted by a tour agent that has been chosen from the beginning as a guide while stay in Manado. The journey begins with making Tomohon as a destination on the first day. Tomohon is a mountainous area in North Sulawesi. In Tomohon, you can find flower plantations which does have an international level festival every year and held in July. This time, the group will stop at 3 Tomohon famous tourist area. Which is, Lake Tondano, the Mount of Love and Lake Linaow.

After traveling around 1.5 hours, finally the whole group arrived at Lake Tondano. In here, the group also enjoyed their lunch while sitting on the edge of the lake. As you know, Manado is famous with their fresh fish. So, at this time, the food presented is fish dishes cooked with typical style of Manado.

After enjoying their lunch and chatting with one another, the trip which is commanded by Nyong Oni (in Manado, a call for young men is Nyong, while for a girl is Nona) was followed to the Mount of Love.

Here, the group was able to enjoy the natural scenery. Not only that, members can also enjoy reflexology. So, the group began to split, some choose for reflection, some choose to photographs, some choose to enjoy Manado fried bananas (you enjoyed the fried Banana with spicy “Sambal Roa”).

After spending time around one and a half hour, the journey continues towards Lake Linau. This lake Linau is famous for its natural beauty and how the water may change following the reflection of the sunset colors. For half an hour, the group spent time with enjoying free hot coffee, hot tea, fried bananas and photographs. Lake Linau is also the last destination place on that day before returning to the hotel.

Day 2.

At 8 o'clock the group was ready in the lobby of Hotel Aryaduta Manado. Using the Grundfos uniform, the group was immediately drove to the harbor which is just 10 minutes by bus, to continue the journey by boat crossing Bunaken Island. the group began joking with one another while in the boat. Laughter was heard in every corner of the boat.

And finally Bunaken Island. Yup, Bunaken Island is famous for its underwater beauty. The day's activities began with explore the beauty of the coral reefs of Bunaken using a glass bottom boat, around half an hour for one shift.

The group was rushed to change their clothes with bathing suits and match the size of the shoes as well as sunglasses and other necessary equipment. Yeah,its snorkeling time!! The group seemed to enjoy the sea of Bunaken, and snorkeling add more fun on that day.

Day 3.

The third day is the last day for the group in Manado. This morning the activity starts with an introductory presentation of the CBS products, as well as a new CBS team, Arie and Rizky.

And finnaly, Manado city tour begins. But it is not just around the city, the day's activities also filled with buy some souvenirs. There are Klapetart, Bagea, Lalampa, Walnuts, Roa Fish, Cakalang Fish, and others. It seems a pity to miss.

At 3 pm, the group members had already arrived at the airport to return to Jakarta. When asked what their feelings, the answer is happy and fun.

So, let’s hope CBS team always being a solid and successful team. Finally, until we meet again in the next year y’ all.