China craves intelligent water solutions

An increased amount of waste water and lack of water are big challenges in China. To solve the problem, China must use the most intelligent water solutions in the market. Here, Grundfos can make a difference. During the Danish state visit to China this was showcased, as the Danish minister for the environment, Kirsten Brosbøll, together with Executive Vice President Søren Sørensen, inaugurated an innovative Grundfos solution. The prefabricated pump station is hidden in the ground and can handle large amounts of water.

“Integrated approaches are the future. This is what we are good at in Denmark and this is what Grundfos is particularly good at. The technology used here in the Binhai Tourism Area is extremely powerful but energy efficient. And it is carefully designed to fit into a really small space, which has caught my attention,” Kirsten Brosbøl said at the turnkey ceremony of the South Rainwater Pumping Station of the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Binhai Tourism Area.

Unique solution

The South Rainwater Pumping Station includes three pump tanks of 3.8 metres in diameter and 8.4 metres in height with a capacity of 2.6 billion tons. The pump tanks are used for collecting rainwater for the Water Magic Cube water park and its surrounding 1 square kilometres. It is the largest prefabricated pumping station in the world and has been put into trial operation since 2014.

Executive Vice President Søren Ø. Sørensen was happy to show what Grundfos can contribute with.

“The South Rainwater Pumping Station played a positive demonstration effect for promoting Grundfos’ prefabricated pumping station business in China and the world," he said.

”President Zhang Jiguang of Tianjin Binhai Tourism Area Investment Holding Co., Ltd. said:“The South Rainwater Pumping Station was built by adopting Grundfos’ integrated prefabricated pumping station technology, which guaranteed the regional flood safety very well, it’s a big step towards international advanced level for the municipal drainage facility of our region. Tianjin Binhai Tourism Area intends to create more cooperation opportunities by taking advantage of this cooperation.”

Since 2010 Denmark has had and co-operative agreement with China and it is now renewed with a concrete plan of action for 2014-2018 in the field of water resources.