Chinese sing about Branding

As a result, Managing Director Jerry Tan received an idea from the sales company in China for a song to be written. A competition was immediately organised among the employees from both the sales company and the production company in China. A winner and a top 3 were selected from the 16 entries for the song contest.

The winner was “Grundfos China - Where Dreams Come True” (lyrics written by Marketing Executive Stephanie Chen). Professional musicians were hired, and they composed a melody to accompany the lyrics.

Chen explains that the song will now be used for conferences, seminars and other special events - as an aid to getting communication among the participants to flow more easily.

“It is really a lively way of helping everyone to understand our new image better,” says Chen, who regards the song as a demonstration of the fact that the Chinese have embraced the Branding values as an extra incentive in their workday.

“The song makes the love and trust in Grundfos greater than ever because we feel that Grundfos has given - and will give - us numerous opportunities to learn and improve ourselves,” says Chen.