Danish state visit strengthens connections with Ghana

Sustainable development, new business, aid and trade and the strengthening of the relationship between the countries of Ghana and Denmark are among the key elements, when a Danish delegation visits the West African country from 23 to 25 November.

The delegation is headed by Her Majesty, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, and also the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Anders Samuelsen, and the Danish Minister for the Environment and Food, Esben Lunde Larsen, are also present. In addition, a number of leading, Danish companies with concrete solutions to some of Ghana’s challenges and needs are present.

“Danish industry and companies hold extensive knowledge and produce solutions, which can be of great interest in countries such as Ghana. This visit can help connect key Danish and Ghanaian stakeholders at the strategic level, and create new business and investment opportunities for Danish companies, while bringing sustainable solutions to Ghana,” says Anders Samuelsen, Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs.

One of the Danish companies taking part in the state visit is Grundfos. We are already present in Ghana through a local company, and through key partnerships with organizations and government entities alike. During the visit, Grundfos and the Ghanaian Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources sign a Memorandum of Understanding, with a scope of improving clean water supply to the Ghanaian people.

“One of our key focuses is to make sure that all people in Ghana have access to clean and safe water. We are very pleased to enter this partnership with Grundfos. Their efficient technology as well as their experience with water management can lift our infrastructure and help us in reaching more people with clean and safe water,” says Hon. Joseph Kofi Adda, Ghanaian Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources.

Some of the Grundfos solutions employed to make water flow in both urban and rural areas of the West African country are solar driven pumps, which are particularly suited for fetching water in areas with lacking or unstable power supplies.

“We have the technology and solutions, which can help water flow to people everywhere. And we can play a part in treating and managing water efficiently. This perfectly fits with our increased focus on supporting SDG6. But of course, we cannot do it alone. Therefore, we are very pleased to enter a partnership with the Ghanaian Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources, and strengthen our efforts in Ghana,” says Kim Jensen, Regional Managing Director, EMEA, from Grundfos.

Grundfos also cooperates with leading international organizations and other key stakeholders to spread efficient water solutions in Ghana.