Danish water technology on display in the White House

Water is on top of the agenda, when top American decision makers from
state as well as federal levels are gathered at the White House in Washington
D.C. on March 22nd, the UN’s World Water Day. Among other things,
they will be introduced to Danish solutions. This is part of an exhibition,
where a total of ten booths with nice examples of intelligent technology, which
can be used in combatting water challenges, are on display.

The event is part of the American endeavor of handling the
multi-facetted water- and climate challenges, the country faces. This is
following the American commitment to the agreement at the COP21 and in
realization of the fact that climate change to a large degree will affect the
world through water.

Already now, several US states experience stressed and sparse water
resources. Therefore, the United States has set a target of reducing water
consumption by 33 per cent. To provide inspiration of solutions to the water
challenges, trailblazers in water have been invited to the White House to show
solutions to the problems.

Among the exhibitors is a consortium of 12 Danish water businesses and
organizations, who joins as the only non-American twist.

“It is unique that Danish businesses, organizations and the ministry are
able to join forces around such a clear message for the White House within such
short timeframe. The flexibility and willingness to cooperate is a trademark of
Danish water Business, and this is promising in relation to a Danish export advance
in the world’s largest water market,” says Danish Minister for the Environment
and Food, Esben Lunde Larsen.

Grundfos is among the Danish companies, showing the way at the exhibit.
At the Danish booth solutions spanning from mapping of ground water resources
to effective water supply and energy efficient wastewater treatment are
displayed with a customized demo-model.

“We are happy that the Americans are serious about the water- and
climate challenges, and that they are ready to look for sustainable solutions
to the challenges, we all face. Our technology can make a difference in
relation to several of the water challenges the US and the world in general are
facing. In terms of drinkingwater, wastewater and intelligent handling of water
resources,” says Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Group VP, Group Communications, Public
Affairs & Engagement at Grundfos.

In addition to Grundfos, Danfoss, Kamstrup, Rambøll, DHI, Leif Koch,
Skytem, AVK, Danish water utilities, Danva, MCH and State of Green part of the
consortium representing Denmark in Washington.