DBS Indonesia in KOI Show 2014

Domestic Building Service (DBS) or better known as Household Pumps by Grundfos are participated in the event "2nd of Jabotabek Koi Show 2014" which held in OSO Sport Center - Dojo KKI, Grand Tour, Bekasi from 5 September until 6 September 2014. This event was attended by more than 1100 people consisting of participants and visitors.

This Jabotabek Koi Show is a competition where are all the Koi fish lovers racing to show off their each Koi fish to win the champion. Aside from this race, there are also held some exhibitions and bazaars related many products which are very good for maintaining your Koi fish, such as Koi foods, vitamins, and Pump.

DBS Team of PT. Grundfos Pompa participates as a main sponsor in order to increase brand awareness and brand image, especially in the minds of Koi Lovers Community.
Koi lovers look quite enthusiastic visited Grundfos stand, which serves consulting services pumps, pump running demo also Unilift. We also present a variety of display pump suitable to support the maintenance of the Koi fish.