DBS SP Pump Roadshow

There are 3 kind of SP Pump, SP 3A-12, SP 3A-18 and SP 5A-17. To succeed this launching, Mr. Jens Ove Frederiksen (Regional Product Manager) was giving the product knowledge to the selected biggest Master Dealer.

First of all, for starting the training, Mr. Jens Ove Frederiksen gave the training SP for DBS team, Promotor of Sahabat Grundfos and also Customer Care team. He explain many things like product details, termination cable, real application, troubleshooting and many more.

After gave a training in GAS office, Mr. Jens together with DBS team went to Benteng Mas Perkasa, one of DBS Master Dealer, to give the same SP training. Not only Benteng Mas Perkasa, but also Bangun Karya Rejeki in Bandung, Ade Pompa in Semarang, and Surya Indah Perkasa in Surabaya.