Eco-activities pay

A few examples of considerable savings in relation to 1996 when Grundfos started reporting on environmental questions:
Energy consumption has been reduced by 11% - corresponding to DKK 4.5m in 1999

Heating consumption has been reduced by 35% - corresponding to DKK 3.6m in 1999

Water consumption has decreased by 37% - corresponding to DKK 2m in 1999

Oil and grease in the waste water has been reduced by 43%

The content of heavy metals in the waste water has been reduced by 51% from 1998 to 1999 - corresponding to DKK 150,000

Chemical waste has been reduced by 44%, which is 252 tonnes - corresponding to DKK 340,000 in 1999

The number of days off due to injuries decreased from 3.6 hours per 1000 working hours to 2.4 hours - corresponding to DKK 773,900 in 1999.

The total savings amount to more than DKK 11m.

Grundfos has set up new goals of additional savings in a number of areas and the company's development departments include life-cycle estimates as well as material consumption and energy consumption in the lifetime of a pump, as well as eco-friendly removal of the pumps after use.

The energy consumption in the lifetime of a pump has the biggest impact on the environment and so Grundfos aims at developing pumps until 2003 of which at least 80% have 5% less energy consumption than previous versions.

All new products developed until 2003 will have 3% less material consumption than previous versions..

Before 2003 a guide to removal of worn out pumps will be made for all product types in the Grundfos Group.