Educational prize for Grundfos

Awarded for the first time, the prize was handed over by Minister of Education Margrethe Vestager.
As a reason for awarding the prize to Grundfos, the jury said:

"Grundfos aims to make education and in-service training a basic aspect in the company. Grundfos was one of the first companies to take responsibility for all staff's in-service training and for integrating education in processes, functions, and the organisation.

"Education at Grundfos is aimed at all types of staff, and educational planning is a very important focus of attention in the daily work of the company.

"Grundfos is one of the pioneers of new thinking on education, having made significant contributions to the development of new and untraditional education which has subsequently proven to be popular with other companies.

"The Confederation of Danish Industries is awarding this prize to Grundfos and staff at Grundfos with very special pleasure. Enthusiastic pioneers like Grundfos are indispensable if Denmark is to be able to compete successfully in international competition in the future."