Efficient pumps lands Boeing’s green goals

Boeing wishes to lower their energy consumption. For that reason, the American aviation company has turned its eyes towards Denmark. Here, they have Memorandums of Understandings with among others Grundfos. This means that Grundfos technology will play a part in making Boeing’s production run as energy efficiently as possible. In addition to Grundfos, Boeing has also signed an agreement with Danfoss.

“Boeing has a long-term, enduring commitment to protecting the environment. That includes collaborating with companies like Danfoss and Grundfos who have the technology and expertise to help us,” says Maria Laine, vice president, Northern Europe, Boeing International.

Among other things, part of the scope of the collaboration is that Grundfos technology and knowledge will be used in connection with energy audits of Boeing’s plants, first off in the US, where large parts of the company’s fleet is produced.

“We have an ambition of contributing to reducing our customers’ environmental impact, and our collaboration with Boeing contributes to exactly that. Our energy efficient solutions can help them consume less energy than earlier, and we are proud that such a huge and professional company recognizes our competences,” says Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Group Vice President, Communications, Public Affairs & Engagement at Grundfos.

Grundfos has already handled energy optimizations at Boeing’s facilities in St. Louis and Everett near Seattle. Here, Boeing has had energy audits and pump replacements.