Electronics supplier honoured by Grundfos

The ongoing development of intelligent pumps and motors requires an innovative approach and high capacity standards – not only from Grundfos. Collaboration with dedicated suppliers from around the world is essential for success. One such supplier is the Japanese company Renesas Electronics Corporation, which was nominated supplier of the year in 2012.

- We’re very proud of the nomination. The Supplier Award is proof of our top-quality communication and close collaboration on product development, says Rainer Bechem, Head of Unit, Renesas Electronics Europe.

The company has supplied Grundfos with microcontrollers, which are a part of the electronic controls for pumps and motors, for more than 20 years and is one of the world leaders within this field.


The technology of the future

By launching new products as the ALPHA2, MAGNA3 and the SaVer motor, Grundfos takes another giant leap towards more electronically controlled products. The microcontrollers play an important role in this regard, so keywords like innovation, reliability of supply and quality are essential, when Grundfos is to continue deliver high-technology products. These are the words of Vice President Klavs Hornum, who is responsible for Group Purchase:

- If we look at delivery ability and reliability, the performance of Renesas Electronics Corporation has been exceptional throughout 2012. The Group continuously works to ensure a high degree of ability of supply and always comply with our quality requirements, he says.

Learning from each other

In the future, microcontrollers will play an even more important role in Grundfos’ products and solutions, and the strategic collaboration is therefore a good foundation for future development. Rainer Bechem explains that Renesas Electronics Corporation is ready to meet the growing need for microcontrollers in the future.

- As I see it, we share the same DNA, so we can learn from each other. From my perspective, it’s extremely valuable to work so closely with the world’s largest pump manufacturer, he says.

In addition to supplying microcontrollers directly to Grundfos’ production companies, Renesas Electronics Corporation also plays a decisive part, when other electronic controls, which go in to the Grundfos products, is delivered from sub suppliers. According to Klavs Hornum, this makes the company’s performance even more impressive.

- Seeing that their products form part of our pumps and motors both directly and indirectly, when our global electronics suppliers deliver products to Grundfos, it’s extremely positive that they have such high standards of delivery, as it is the case he says.