Employees learn about ethics at Grundfos

Grundfos employees at all levels must know the guiding principles of the company’s Code of Conduct and how to live by them. Therefore, training is rolled out - partly online and partly face-to-face - across the entire organisation as well as across functions and departments. So far, more than 80 percent of the 18,000 colleagues have participated in the training.

“In the same way as our strategy and values set the direction of the company, our Code of Conduct sets the direction as to how we must act in a value-based organisation like Grundfos. It is crucial that all employees in all functions and at all levels are familiar with the principles and know how to respond to dilemmas. In order to make sure that our employees know how to act in a way that is ethically correct, we have involved all of them in discussions and workshops concerning our Code of Conduct, which is quite unique,” says Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Group Vice President, Communications, Public Affairs & Engagement.

A shared set of guiding principles
The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to guide all employees in how to behave in an ethical and responsible manner. It covers all aspects of the UN Global Compact Initiative and touches upon themes like bribery, conflict of interests, human rights, environment, health and security among others.

“As a global organisation, we operate in a lot of different countries and across cultures, traditions, local laws and regulations. Therefore, we need a shared set of principles which can guide all employees in how to comply with the company values and our ambitious ethical standards. These principles are described in our Code of Conduct”, explains Lars Aagaard, Chairman of Grundfos’ Ethics Committee.

If an employee is in doubt about how to act in a given situation, he or she can ask the manager or contact the legal department for further guidance. if an employee suspects that the principles of the Code of Conduct are being breached, it is possible to contact the Ethics Commitee or use the Grundfos Whistle Blower System, which guarantees anonymity.