Energy optimisation in top gear

The inauguration underlines Grundfos’ leading role within environmentally friendly and energy efficient products.
The ALPHA2 circulator pump is currently being introduced on the European markets. The pump comes from a tailored production line containing all the best Grundfos has to offer.
The Group has worked on energy-saving concepts since the early 1990s and the new A-labelled ALPHA2 production represents the next generation of circulator pumps.

Absolutely top-class

”The energy consumption of our new circulator pump is as little as 5W, while a standard pump typically uses 60-100W. This makes ALPHA2 one of the most energy-saving circulator pumps in the world. The pump and the production line behind it are bursting with new functions and innovative technology. Among other things, this means that installing ALPHA2 results in many environmental advantages and cost-savings”, explains Group President Carsten Bjerg.

ALPHA2 represents the transition from hardware components to software solutions, whose main advantages include user-friendliness, robustness and size.
More efficient – more environmentally friendly
The challenge to Grundfos was to make the pump smaller, more efficient and more user- friendly. ALPHA2 is based on years of dedicated research and many years’ experience with engines and electronics as well as close collaboration with the users. Grundfos is not only introducing the most compact electronically controlled pump on the market, but also the most advanced. The unique AutoADAPT technology and the groundbreaking software solutions make the pump very special. ALPHA2 is a product which will set the standard on the market. In addition, the production of ALPHA2 is so highly automated that the Group has chosen to keep it in Denmark.

The pump has been developed with the input of focus groups of wholesalers, installers and end-users, and finally adjusted on the basis of extensive tests throughout Europe.
Grundfos calculations show that with approx. 120 million circulator pumps installed in Europe, the savings achieved by changing to ALPHA2 would be the equivalent of 45 billion kWh a year – or three times the electricity consumption by private households in the whole of London. The individual home-owner may well save up to 15 per cent of the household’s total electricity consumption. Grundfos’ objective is to increase the sale of the most energy-friendly pumps on the West European market to 50 per cent by 2010.