Every drop counts

As part of our commitment to the UN Global Compact, we support the CEO Water Mandate and its six areas concerning the world’s water challenges. We commit ourselves to share best- and emerging practices and to forge multi-stakeholder partnerships to address the problems of access to water and sanitation. Previously, the reporting on the CEO Water Mandate was a part of our core sustainability data, now we introduce the Grundfos Water Report. The cases presented in the report describe some of the ways in which we have been implementing the elements of the CEO Water Mandate to our own practices.


You can read the iPaper edition of Grundfos Water Report 2012 here.

We believe that every single drop counts and we want to show that we are willing to ‘walk the talk’. This has made us take a harder look at our own water consumption. However, we cannot do this by ourselves. We need to support – and to gain support from – global initiatives. Initiatives, that will put water challenges on the agenda. That is why an initiative such as the CEO Water Mandate fits the bill.
Group President, Carsten Bjerg