Expo 2000: Innovative 3D in the service of water

This is why Grundfos used the most innovative and state-of-the-art 3D technology for EXPO 2000. By means of this it is possible to solve a seemingly impossible task - that of offering visitors an exceptional experience in only 5-6 minutes, while at the same time visualising abstract concepts such as viability and responsibility regarding water and the way in which we handle this scarce resource on an everyday basis. In other words the 3D technology equips the guests with x-ray eyes like Superman's.

The event takes place in and around a "transparent" house in the Danish Pavilion in which Grundfos is the only representative. The newly developed 3D technology creates a complete illusion of life in the house - guests can watch the daily doings of the "residents" and see what is going on in the hidden installations and the surrounding environment as the residents take a bath or turn on the heating.

This makes the guests realise that the daily use of water has big consequences. Most people probably do not consider the fact that only a negligible part of the world's water resources is suitable for drinking. Or that most people drink only a small fraction of the precious drinking water they use whereas the rest becomes useless waste water only a few seconds after it leaves the tap to be used for car washing, toilet flush, cleaning, shower, etc.

The "transparent" house aims to make the invisible visible, illustrating how the guests, each in their own way, through everyday doings influence the environment. Grundfos aims to offer guests an experience which makes them think about viability and responsibility.

Viability and responsibility for the environment are important elements of Grundfos' corporate values. At EXPO as well as in every-day life we aim to make the abstract concepts palpable without indulging in a didactic tone.

It is by no means a coincidence that Grundfos is the first company to take up state-of-the-art 3D technology for the first world fair of the new millennium. For the technologically leading pump company the use of the latest advances is routine. In everyday-life this is done in connection with the development and production of reliable pumps, offering customers high comfort and low energy consumption by means of micro electronics and other techniques.