Facing ethical dilemmas

Grundfos is a global company, operating in many different countries and across many different cultures, traditions, local laws and legislations. We therefore need a common set of guiding principles that apply to us all, and outline what we believe is good business conduct. Together with our values and history, the Code of Conduct is our approach to pursuing good business ethics. We are very much aware of the fact that always doing business ethically is a challenge - but a challenge we want to take up front.

Grundfos operates in many countries, crossing numerable cultures, traditions and local laws and regulations. That is why we need a Code of Conduct, applying to all employees in Grundfos. The world rarely offers one clear-cut answer therefore we need common guidelines, ensuring us that we are on the right course, when facing difficult ethical dilemmas.
Group Sustainability Director, Pernille Blach Hansen