First 25 years in the Middle East celebrated

Customers and business partners from countries such as Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon turned up and made it a grand and festive event, including a formal dinner for customers and business partners.

General Manager, Fotis Poulopoulos made a speech thanking for the good co-operation through many years.

- Thanks to several years of co-operation with a large number of you present tonight, we have obtained a solid status as the supplier of pump solutions for a large variety of purposes. We trust each other and take pride in the good co-operation, said Mr Poulopoulos, including thanks to staff for their excellent efforts through the years.

As a matter of fact, it all began before 1986, in which year the first Grundfos company was established in Rijadh and Jiddah in Saudi Arabia, later to be transferred to Dubai.

The Due Jensen family was represented by Minna and Niels Due Jensen as well as Annette and Poul Due Jensen, and they were all very pleased to see the many customers and staff again. In his speech Mr Due Jensen emphasised the changes in the world today, including the Middle East:

- Mankind today is facing big challenges in the shape of unrest, climate issues and water crisis. Therefore we, respecting each other’s differences, must find common solutions benefiting the entire planet, he declared.

The following day all staff gathered for luncheon at Grundfos in the Jebel Ali area in Dubai, and on this occasion Mr Poulopoulos and Mr Due Jensen thanked staff for an excellent effort through the years, for instance, a trebling of turnover in the past three years,

- Without you we would be nothing, said both Mr Poulopoulos and Mr Due Jensen, standing on a podium placed in the assembly hall