Five million pumps for OEM customer

According to Henrik Bonde, Vice President, HVAC OEM Division, the main reason why Grundfos is the most important supplier for BDR Thermea is the quality and reliability of the pumps as well as Grundfos’ ability to deliver.

- Like BDR Thermea, Grundfos is a mass production company and we know that a standstill is expensive. This is why we focus on quick response in the few cases of error, which is highly appreciated by the customer, he said.

The partnership started in 2000 with BAXI which later on merged with De Dietrich Remeha Group into BDR Thermea. Co-operation has been developed ever since.

- We regard this as a sign of customer satisfaction, said Mr Bonde.

Many contributing to success

Group Key Account Manager, Massimo Denna explained that co-operation with BDR Thermea involved many Grundfos staff every day in various jobs and several countries – all focusing on customer requests.

  - The success is a result of their contribution, combined with the high quality of the Grundfos product and HVAC OEM’s ability to deliver the right customised solutions he said and continued:

- Being one of our strategic key customers, BDR Thermea is so important that we are willing to customise every part of our offer, for instance product, supply chain and marketing.

Co-operation with perspectives

Mr Bonde is pleased with the fact that several representatives from top management at BDR Thermea attended the event, which was also used for the presentation of HVAC OEM’s suggestions as to how co-operation may develop for the next ten years.

- We wanted to show that there may be great potential for the customer as well as for us in delivering entire systems rather than customised standard pumps. We also wanted to present our products for heat pumps and solar thermal systems, each requiring two circulator pumps. In addition we wanted to tell our customer about the potential of changing to energy saving pumps before 2015. With such a big customer, it is important for us to be able to continue co-operation, said Mr Bonde.

Facts about BDR Thermea

The company emerged when Dutch De Dietrich Remeha merged with British Baxi at the end of 2009. BDR Thermea is the third largest boiler manufacturer, after Bosch and Vaillant, with 6,300 staff in more than 70 countries. In 2010 BDR Thermea purchased more than 1 million Grundfos circulator pumps.