Focus on sustainability creates results

In the beginning of 2012, a sustainability-strategy put into words how the Grundfos Group will contribute to solving some of the world's problems – for instance global warming. In Grundfos Sustainability Data 2012, which has just been released, the effect of the group's sustainability initiatives has been balanced for the first time since formulating the strategy.


According to Pernille Blach Hansen, Director of Sustainability, the purpose of the release is not only to create an overview of the annual results regarding sustainability.

- We are convinced that if we both make a dedicated effort and measure the results, the probability of reaching the targets also increase significantly. This way, the gathering and communication of data creates results in itself.


CO2- target fulfilled
Among other things, the statement shows positive results on the climate-area, where one of the targets is that the group must never emit more CO2 than in 2008. The CO2 emission in 2012 was 16 per cent lower than in 2008, and in 2012 alone Grundfos succeeded in reducing the emission with a total of 10 per cent.

- The numbers show black-on-white that the targets have been fulfilled – and then some – even though the group's production grows year after year, Karen Touborg, Manager, Group Environment, Health and Safety says.


The positive results have among other things been achieved by continuously replacing conventional pumps and motors in the group's factories with Grundfos' own energy efficient pumps.

The rest is a result of the fact that part of the energy consumption has been changed into forms of energy which emits less CO2 than the previous ones.


Fewer work-related injuries
An example from the social part of the statement shows that work-related injuries in the Group is dropping. In 2012, the number of injuries per million working hours was 19 per cent lower than in 2011 and 42 per cent lower compared to 2008.

- It shows that it has the intended effect when we throughout the group strengthen the awareness of how injuries can be prevented, Karen Touborg explains.

It is the seventh time Grundfos reports its performance regarding sustainability. The ambition is continuously to show a balanced image of the group's contribution to a sustainable development.

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