Fully Retirement of WebCaps

The transition has been on its way for quite some time. Grundfos Product Center, the modern and user friendly replacement for WebCAPS, was launched in May 2014.
The two systems have been running side by side since then, but on September 17 Grundfos shuts down WebCAPS.
“We have been running both systems for a while now to ensure a good transition from WebCAPS to Grundfos Product Center for customers as well as colleagues. Now we are ready to shut WebCAPS down,” says Lars Egede, business responsible for Grundfos Product Center.
He is confident that no one will miss the old system once they have tried working in Grundfos Product Center:
“Grundfos Product Center is the backbone of our customer’s needs in their day-to-day work. That has been our focus since we began developing it. The result is an intuitive system with a wide range of features, and we know that both customers and colleagues are satisfied with the way Grundfos Product Center works today.”

Links and bookmarks will still work

Lars Egede stresses that even though WebCAPS ceases to exist, users will still be able to find what they are looking for.

“We are well aware that many of the thousands of customers who use our tools every day have been doing so for years. A lot of them use direct links or bookmarks to the specific feature they need. Such links will still work and the user will be directed to the right place in Grundfos Product Center instead.”
The redirecting means that if you have bookmarked WebCAPS in a browser, the bookmark still works, but it will forward you to Grundfos Product Center. The same goes for links in e-mails or on webpages.

A long transition

The transition to the new sizing and search system has taken a while.
“When your system is something your customers interact with on a daily basis, it is important that everything works to suit their needs,” says Lars Egede and continues:
“Besides that, we had to eliminate the system’s teething problems. We are confident that we have done that now, and to ensure the future quality and operation of Grundfos Product Center, we are now closing WebCAPS. “

An assisting personal touch

Subscription or sign-up is not necessary to use Grundfos Product Center. Lars Egede strongly suggests that you make a personal profile in the system, however. That will give extended features, like access to recent and saved items as well as entire projects from the front page of the product center.
Grundfos will go on developing Grundfos Product Center in the future. Users can expect new features and functions as well as further integration with the other Grundfos systems.


Find information via:

Quick Search – Search for a specific pump and find size and replacement information

Liquid Guide – Enter your liquid, temperature, and concentration to find the pumps that can do the job

Quick Size – Enter the head and flow of your desired pump and the system will find all Grundfos pumps that meet those criteria;

Customized Results – Search results are categorized into options for the least expensive pumps, the pumps with the lowest energy consumption, and the pumps with the lowest lifecycle cost.

Expanded Product Information – The center has a database of CAD drawings, spare part information, service kits and instructional videos.

Other user-friendly features include:

Accessibility - Access to the Grundfos Product Center from any computer, tablet or mobile phone.

User Settings - The system saves the user’s language, currency, saved items, and recently viewed products.

Saved Projects – Registered users are able to save their entire project for future reference. Replacements and spare parts are always just a click away.

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