To prepare ahead of competitors, on 24-25 January 2018, the sales department of Pro Trade holds an annual meeting of sales teams throughout Indonesia or better known as Grundfos Internal Sales Conference (GINSAC).  

Opened by President Director - Giancarlo Roggiolani, then, the event led by Sales Director Jens Ove Frederiksen, GINSAC this time deliberately made different from the usual that use classroom lay out. Real conditions in sales are presented in the form of drama / movie scenes. Where participants are involved ranging from scenes to getting orders, orders obtained, orders prepared, including problems that arise from every department that prepares the order, until the order is ready to be sent and after sales support.  

Apparently, many benefits obtained. From each scene can be found problems that have been hampered but not yet revealed or resolved, then collectively seek solutions, so, hopefully later these obstacles will gradually disappear.

After 2 days of meetings, on January 25, the sales team came home fully packed with guidance that is expected to help them in managing better sales in their respective areas.