Grundfos acquires technology-leader in water disinfection

Disinfection is a business where Grundfos has been present for years. As an element in strengthening this position, ISIA and Grundfos has been partners for some time - and now this ends up with Grundfos acquiring ISIA. ISIA will continue to serve their present markets – mainly Middle East - and provide support and solutions in markets served by Grundfos.

Group Executive Vice President Peter Røpke, who is responsible for product and technology development in the Grundfos Group sees a huge potential in ISIA:

- ISIA is a technology-leader in their business. ISIA has the ability to innovate interesting and efficient solutions within the use of chlorine dioxide to disinfect and clean water. I am happy to welcome ISIA’s technologies, market position, competences and skilled staff as a part of the Grundfos Group and our portfolio. I am absolutely sure that our joint efforts will provide groundbreaking technology and solutions.

Francesco Maia, co-founder of ISIA, sees great potential by becoming a part of Grundfos:

- Our ideas and solutions can be spread out on even more markets and be integrated in bigger systems and applications across the globe. I am proud that Grundfos sees the potential and quality in our work and will enjoy being a part of it in the future.

The two main characteristics of ISIA are a skilled experience in industrial plant process control and automation and a chlorine dioxide powerful technology for water treatment. Since 2000 ISIA has perfected a rich experience in design, realization, start-up and field assistance of industrial plants process control and automation.

At the same time ISIA has developed a multi-purpose water treatment technology based on the feature of the chlorine dioxide as oxidant and biofouling controller. ISIA water treatment package, designed on the customer needs, spaces from the Industrial water services (i.e. Cooling water, Raw water) to the Civil water services (Potable water).