Grundfos and handball – the perfect blend

The Grundfos Group is a reliable and long-standing partner for the European Handball Federation and has sponsored all major handball events since 2004. Handball is a real international sport, which is played in more than 140 countries by an estimate of 20 million players.

The sport is known widely and is characterized by strength, enthusiasm, hard work and not least team spirit, which is the main reason for Grundfos being such a dedicated sponsor.

- We can identify with the characteristics in handball and the parallels to Grundfos’ company values are unmistakeable. They are: Be responsible – Think ahead – Innovate, says Director of Corporate Branding, Kim Klastrup.

He further explains the similarities between Grundfos and Handball:
- Responsible players help promote fair play, foresight makes them able to defeat their opponents and innovative drive gets them to the top. For that reason, international handball is the perfect sponsorship – both now and in the future.

Exposure as an official sponsor 
The involvement as an official sponsor for the tournament is clearly communicated to the spectators and viewers by a series of banner ads which are shown at every game, and the Grundfos logo on the sponsor wall, the press wall and on the official European Championship homepage.

- Furthermore, our logo is visible in programs and other official material. This means, that we are able to increase our visibility and logo recognition, which then again helps increase our competitive position. Finally, Grundfos uses the tournament for inviting customers and other business associates to watch world-class handball, which strengthens our image and gives the customers a more positive perception of us, Kim Klastrup explains.

More than just a sponsor
Besides sponsoring the tournament, Grundfos also contributes to the indoor comfort in all four host cities – Belgrade, Novi Sad, Yrsac and Nis.

- We have delivered pumps to the two big sports arenas, a four-star hotel and two new extensions of the international airport. All these buildings can now benefit from Grundfos-pumps and pump-knowhow, so that thousands of players, spectators and officials will have comfortable surroundings no matter where they are.

Efficient, reliable and trouble-free, Kim Klastrup says.