Grundfos Austria offers SMS solution

The water supply consists of two wells with submerged pumps and two large, separate water tanks. Since the quality of the water from the two wells is different, it must be mixed in fairly specific proportions – making it necessary to measure and control the flow. Grundfos has made this possible using electronically-regulated pumps in combination with control units.

Grundfos' SMS solution allows staff to receive SMS messages, containing various reports, via mobile phone. In the event of a problem in the system, an SMS alarm indicating the nature of the problem, e.g. the flow from one of the tanks is too high, is sent out.

Simple programming on a PC is all that is required to customise the solution to a customer’s requirements. Staff at the water company can check current status, like determining whether the pumps are in operation, via mobile phone. They can also control the various units in the system, such as turning a pump on or off and opening or closing valves.

Finally, measurements of pressure, level and quantity, which are recorded every day, can be interpreted in a spreadsheet on a PC, or as a graph showing daily water consumption over the previous two weeks.

Grundfos Austria describes the SMS solution as a reliable, timesaving and cost-efficient monitoring system – not just for water supply plants, but also for heating plants, sewage works and many other industrial processes. The SMS solution offers the additional advantage that it can easily be integrated into an existing system.