Grundfos awarded "Diversity Management" prize two successive years

This is the second time Grundfos is awarded this prize. Among the reasons for the prize is a ”...combination of Grundfos’ written policies and objectives concerning diversity management and the great efforts Grundfos makes following the policies through the integration of people who, for one reason or another, are outside the labour market.”

In addition the jury said:
”Two very important areas are the sheltered workshops and the project to integrate refugees and immigrants on the labour market .... Other important areas: Grundfos’ participation in the UN Global Compact, the social accounts of the company, the social index and the “Award for the Best Non-financial Report”.”

Group President Jens Jørgen Madsen and Managing Director Lars Aagaard, Grundfos A/S, received the prize at a ceremony in Copenhagen yesterday.

”Winning a prize like this once is a great pleasure – winning it two successive years is significant! With double honour like this nobody can doubt that it is with good reason we in the Grundfos Group say that ’responsibility is our foundation’”, said Jens Jørgen Madsen as a comment on the ”Diversity Management Prize”.

The survey of ”The Best Companies to Work for in Denmark 2003”, made by the Oxford Research Institute and published today in Berlingske Tidendes Nyhedsmagasin (Danish business journal), is based on two main elements. One is an inquiry among a representative number of Grundfos staff in Denmark earlier this year and the other is a profile of the company culture documenting a number of factual questions about the company. In total Grundfos is ranked 15 in this year’s survey.