Grundfos Blueflux raises the bar

Grundfos Blueflux is launched as Grundfos’ technology label which informs the customers that by using Grundfos Blueflux-labelled motors and frequency converters, they will be using high-efficiency equipment which is among the best equipment in the market.

- The labelling also guarantees that motors and frequency converters that are subject to directives and legislative requirements of efficiency go beyond these requirements, or, as a minimum, live up to them – now and in the future, Henning Sandager, Group Senior Vice President, Grundfos Industry says.

Campaign has come off to a start

- If you select the right product, which has been optimised for the individual application, and combine it with the Grundfos Blueflux technology, it is possible to lower your energy consumption considerably and achieve energy reductions of up to 60 per cent.

These are the words of Gitte Kirkebye Søe, Marketing Manager of Grundfos Industry. At the beginning of November she helped launch Grundfos’ ”Meet the Energy Challenge NOW”-campaign.

- If there were no pumps, we would not have any water for our coffee, milk for our breakfast, no warmth in our radiators and no efficient wastewater handling. Pumps are everywhere, and actually they consume up to 10 per cent of the world’s total electricity consumption – there is a huge potential for energy savings, she says.

Active contributor

According to the EU motor directive, which was adopted in June following active involvement on the part of Grundfos, the electricity consumption of the EU must be lowered by 5 per cent by 2020 – corresponding to the annual consumption of 83m people.

- We want to tell the world that it is necessary to lower the electricity consumption and we will let people know that we have the solution. We are the leading supplier of energy-efficient pumps, says Henning Sandager.

Grundfos’ ”Meet the Energy Challenge NOW”-campaign will initially run in five countries: Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland and Switzerland with more countries following in 2011. Three-phase standard motors, MGE motors and CUE frequency converters with Grundfos Blueflux labels will be fully developed by the end of 2012.