Grundfos China supports school for deaf and blind people

During a visit to the school, the management team and employees found that the school could be helped in a number of ways, for example by donating money to the school, by purchasing the pupils’ handicrafts and using them as decoration in the company offices, or by offering the pupils work for long or short periods.

Initially, Grundfos donated 10,000 RMB (approx. 7,000 Danish kroner) to the school and invited some teachers and pupils to participate in the annual company party. They expressed their gratitude towards Grundfos by performing a touching choral work at the party.

Now, an agreement has been made to have one of the deaf pupils make decorative pieces for the company. The company and school hope that the pupil will gain valuable experience while at the same time paving the way for others to be employed or gain work experience in the company.