Grundfos clamps down on copycats

General Counsel, Christian Hartvig is very pleased that the illegal products were removed.
- In my opinion it is very important that we act at fairs such as the ISH so the copycats know we are very aware of fake goods. We have to protect our products, he said.

Informed the customs authorities
A group of staff from the Patent Department and Legal Affairs on the first day of the fair looked for fake products at the other exhibition stands and they quickly found several suspicious products. They immediately contacted the German customs authorities who, after a briefing, planned several actions. They quickly and effectively responded to the suspicion and removed several products, posters and manuals.

Copies of CR and ALPHA2
Close to Grundfos' stand they found a CR pump that violated our patent on loose flanges. In addition they found copies of the ALPHA2 pump on which the design as well as several trademarks had been copied.
The confiscation of Grundfos copies took place only few weeks after we had patented our well-known red colour, characteristic of our circulator pumps.