Grundfos employees meet on the internet

A few mouse clicks and some fast information, and you are well under way. Very many Grundfos employees use that formula when they have meetings with colleagues in other Grundfos companies.

"There is no hocus-pocus in replacing a physical meeting with a virtual meeting. The advantage is flexibility and speed. You can participate in a meeting although the physical distance is maybe 1000 km", Ole Kristensen, Lead Consultant in Grundfos, says.

The Grundfos guest can join too
"We have more than 700 internet meetings a month. And we can see that 55 of our 82 companies use the electronic opportunities. As an extra feature it is also possible to have meetings with people outside the group", Ole Kristensen elaborates.

Ole Kristensen emphasizes that a few things must be considered before the meeting starts.
"It is a good idea to agree about form and contents before the meeting starts. For example, on the internet you cannot use body language to the same extent as in the real world".

Grundfos has made a brochure with a number a short and regular advice for optimal virtual meetings. "I am convinced that the virtual meeting culture is here to stay", Ole Kristensen says.