Grundfos establishing micro-sensor production

Some 10 staff from American-owned ADC telecommunications (former Ibsen Micro Structures) have been employed to work in facilities rented by Grundfos from ADC.

Traditional water-pressure sensors are as big as matchboxes and the production of them is quite expensive. The micro sensors Grundfos is going to produce are extremely tiny, 4 by 4mm, ”waterproof” pressure sensors, which in principle can be integrated in even the smallest pumps.

This will make future Grundfos pumps even more “intelligent” with even less energy consumption than the electronically regulated pumps already on the market.

With newly developed patented technology Grundfos will produce silicon wafers from which the tiny sensors are cut out and protect the surface of the sensors, making them long-lasting even in contact with water.

Grundfos started the development of micro-sensor technology in collaboration with several other companies in the Micro Electronics Centre of the Technical University of Denmark. Today the development and production of micro sensors are regarded as a strategically important platform suitable for integration in the pump company. Actual production will not be started until the turn of the year 2002-2003.