Grundfos extends two pump ranges

The CR family consists of a vide number of multistage centrifugal pumps with a vertical in-line design, with the suction and discharge ports of the same level. The number of variants available from this range includes 11 flow sizes and hundreds of pressure sizes along with four basic material types.

Grundfos has added to the large CRN part of the family incorporating stainless steel connection flanges and pump base by adding the large CR FPV range, which also incorporates a stainless steel motor stool.

This now means that this range is suitable for the food industry and any industry in which the pump will need to operate in more corrosive environments.

The company’s range of sanitary pumps has also been extended with the inclusion of the new single stage end suction centrifugal pump – F&B-Hygia (Food & Beverage). This pump is made from AISA 316 stainless steel and is said to be compact in design and easy to install in any system.
It is suitable for a number of industries including beverage, dairies, confectionary and meat packing.

The F&B-Hygia has been designed to meet the strict hygiene requirements within the food and beverage industry.
To comply with the regulations, the pump has been designed using recommendations from the 3A sanitary standard and European Hygienic Design Group (EHEDG)