Grundfos factory receives a certificate for good management

The IIP (Investors in People) concept originates from the UK where the concept was developed in the early 1990s in collaboration between British companies, staff and educational institutions. Today, more than 30% of employees in the UK work for certified companies.

The Confederation of Danish Industries is the party responsible for introducing the British model as a pilot project in a number of Danish companies.

The IIP concept is based on the idea that a company’s most important competitive parameter is the development of human resources. This development must be part of a strategic plan, i.e. it must be an extension of and support the company’s business objectives.

The concept is based on four main principles:
1. To ensure the support for the company’s objectives and the management’s commitment to developing all staff in such a way that they are able to contribute to the acheivement of the company’s objectives.
2. To adjust the development needs on an ongoing basis and indicate ways in which the company can plan and carry out the necessary development initiatives for the staff.
3. To ensure that the staff receive training and development from the day they join the company and throughout the employment period.
4. To assess the investment in training and development in order to determine its effect and improve future results.

The certification of Grundfos Electronics followed a survey of a large number of employees on the basis of questionnaires and interviews. Authorised assessors carried out the survey and assessed the company according to a standard covering 12 points.

Grundfos Electronics manufactures advanced electronic products that make Grundfos pumps some of the world’s most advanced. The factory employs approximately 400 staff. Grundfos Electronics has worked with the IIP concept for a couple of years and is very pleased to have been granted the certificate.

Managing Director Lars Aagaard says: “With Grundfos having worked for many years on the development of self-governing production groups and staff development, the evaluation according to the IIP concept is relevant, as it has given us ideas for improvement of both management and staff”.

“There are no plans at present to implement IIP in other Grundfos factories,” said Mr. Aagaard. “We want to see the long-term effects of IIP at Grundfos Electronics before extending it to other factories.”