Grundfos Industry Masterclass 2015

Masterclass held at the office of Grundfos in this Intirub Graha, lasted for 3 days. And, on the first day they talked a lot about Industry Segment Development, Product Factory Varian, and ASEAN Booster. They also had the opportunity to practice Grundfos pump and learn how to apply the pump. And, on this first day, the dealers had the opportunity to present their success stories with Grundfos. They are Parfima Mekadaya, Puri Teknik Mandiri, Surya Mentari Indah, Citra Inti Bersama dan Anugerah Teknik Mandiri.

This time, the presentation that given by Grundfos team delivered differently. This year, the atmosphere is made better with the system Q & A and sharing opinions, not just a presentation. With the prizes to those who answered the question or give an opinion, then they become more excited and the atmosphere becomes more lively.

And on the second day, they were introduced to Fire Application for Industry, Waste Water Application and of course, Grundfos Product Center, an application that can be accessed through the website Grundfos to facilitate you find all information about the Grundfos product. And the dealer was again presented their success story with Grundfos. They are Mega Indolink and Istana Pompa.

And on the second day, all participants were doing outdoor activities together at the Eco Park, Ancol. All the group was playing paintball together and then covered with enjoying dinner at Jimbaran - Ancol.

On the last day Masterclass, the participants were introduced to Grundfos Company Profile - Marketing Tools, then OEM / Key Account. The dealer was still sharing their success story today, And they are Andalan Inti Rekatama, Sahabat Waskita dan Tehnik Pompa.