Grundfos integrates the Alldos dosing business

Now, the time has come to fully benefit from the potential synergies of this acquisition.

One product line – one brand
The product portfolios of the two companies will become integrated. By combining the best of the two product lines we will provide the customers with one optimised and complete product line within both digital and mechanical dosing pumps and disinfection systems. Consequently, during 2007 all products will become part of the same brand and will be labelled Grundfos/Alldos.

Getting closer to our customers

To get as close to our customers as possible with our specialist knowledge, we will establish 5 regional Dosing & Disinfection centres in Germany, Australia, South Africa, China, and the USA.

The regional centres will carry out customizations of the pumps and pumping systems to local needs. In addition, they will provide our local sales companies with knowledge of the latest developments within the dosing business to the benefit of all our customers.

More Than Digital DosingTM
Grundfos/Alldos provides water treatment solutions for customers operating within industrial water treatment, commercial buildings, and municipal water supply and wastewater.

By combining the specialised dosing competence of Alldos and the wide range of quality pumps provided by the Grundfos Group, we give our customers the obvious advantages of a one-stop-shop providing:
· mechanical and Digital DosingTM pumps
· measurement and control
· disinfection systems
· industrial pump solutions

The Grundfos Group works towards becoming the world’s leading full-line supplier of pumps and pumping systems. With the complete integration of Alldos we have moved one important step closer.