Grundfos invests heavily in employee education

Named after the founder of Grundfos, the Poul Due Jensen Academy is a whole-hearted support for the Group’s heavy investment in product development, sales, and branding. The Academy represents DKK 80m investments in the training and education of 11,000 Grundfos staff in 58 companies worldwide.

In his inauguration speech, Hans Skov Christensen, Man.Dir. of the Confederation of Danish Industries, said that knowledge is the most important raw material today.

The ability to acquire new information and knowledge is essential as well as being able to constantly improve and develop the products and achievements required by the market”, he said.

Skov Christensen said the lack of young people entering the labour market these years makes it impossible for companies to secure new knowledge and competence exclusively by recruiting new staff.

“Staff present on the labour market today will make up the major part of the Danish labour force for the next 20 years and so it is extremely important to focus on the development of competence and in-service training of staff, which Grundfos is doing. With the Poul Due Jensen Academy Grundfos carries its vision into action as a company based on values and knowlegde.

“The establisment of the Poul Due Jensen Academy is an important step towards the combination of work and training with an extended number of relevant in-service training tailored to each group of staff. The Academy is an excellent example of how a company may meet the challenges of the future. It is a clear signal to customers that Grundfos really believes staff is your most important resource,” said Skov Christensen.

Group President, Niels Due Jensen, in his speech expressed optimism despite the insecurity prevailing today, especially after Sept. 11.

“Today’s inauguration is a signal that we believe in the future and in a better future for us as a company and staff as well as for our customers and the world around us. No one knows what the future will bring but we do know that the success we want for Grundfos is based on the preparations and the work we are doing today,” said Due Jensen.

"Think ahead" says Grundfos’ new slogan – Be, Think, Innovate – and today we are staying in an ideal framework for thinking ahead and innovating. Willingness to change and innovation will no doubt be decisive for the ability to meet the challenges of the future and strengthen the position we want to secure for Grundfos as the leading company in the pump trade,” said Due Jensen.