Grundfos is main sponsor of Track Cycling World Championships

When the Track Cycling World Championships take place in Ballerup in Denmark from 24 to 28 March there will be a new name on the boards. Grundfos has taken a firm seat in the saddle, and has for the first time wheeled into the track as sponsor of a large cycling arrangement.

Massive media interest
The sponsorship of the Track Cycling World Championships is a fine place for Grundfos to show its qualities. The sport attracts spectators and athletes from all over the world, and there will be massive television exposure. At the same time Grundfos will get an insight into the opportunities of sponsorships that reach beyond the company’s involvement in other sports up till now.

Grundfos takes new roads
”We have of course chosen this track to get new contacts and new experiences. Grundfos’ values connect very well with track cycling. It is to a very high degree about bringing each movement to perfection to reach the optimal result. Grundfos has the exact same approach to its products and tasks as such”, Grundfos Director of Corporate Brand Development, Kim Klastrup says.

The best will be there
Denmark’s Cycling Union (DCU) stands behind the championships together with the International Cycling Union, and they experience great interest from cycle fans from all over the world. The reason is most of all that many of the world’s absolutely best track riders will join the event.

The organizers tell that they are already now forced to extend the areas originally reserved for spectators. DCU expects that championship tickets for several days will be sold out. Traditionally 4000 m team sprint will be one of the climaxes of the championships. The British and the Danish teams are the favourites. However, strong track cycling nations such as Australia, Germany, Belgium, USA and China also have large ambitions of medals. 4000 m team sprint will be held on Friday 26 March.