Grundfos Italy on a winning course behind the scenes

Turin is impressive. Above all because of its imposing architecture and its location by the river Po, surrounded by high hills, forests and the Alps.

As the capital of the Piedmont region, it is also famous for the Juventus football club and the Fiat car conglomerate. Turin has been chosen as ”World Design Capital” in 2008, because the city is an outstanding illustration of industrial design.

The eyes of the world
At the beginning of 2006, Turin and the area surrounding the historic city will be even more in the public eye when the 20th Olympic Winter Games begin. The Games are among the world's largest sports and media events. And when the Olympic flag was transferred to the city from Salt Lake City in the USA in 2002, the first preparations began to take form in and around Turin. A major concern was to assess the need for sports centres and facilities for the many thousand visitors before, during and after the Games.

For Grundfos Italy it became the starting signal of a competition to win orders for the delivery of pumps and pump systems for the many facilities. The winning strategies were based on strong Grundfos teamwork and close cooperation with external partners.

Valuable network
From day one, Grundfos Italy were determined to win the competition. Through solid knowledge of the region and especially an extensive network of contacts with both installers and contractors, they managed to get about 60 per cent of all orders for pumps and pump systems for the Olympic facilities.
In this way Grundfos products and technology will provide hot water, water supply, wastewater treatment and fire fighting systems for a large proportion of the buildings housing the Games.

- We are very pleased with our strong involvement. It provides an important reference for current not to mention future customers. There is a great deal of prestige attached to taking part in the various building projects. Obviously because not just local eyes, but the eyes of the whole world focus on the host city and the facilities it provides, says Area Manager Massimo Di Nicola, who has been on the Grundfos team from day one. At the same time Massimo Di Nicola emphasises that team spirit in the Italian company is the one single success factor to explain why Grundfos won a major part of the Olympic tenders.
- We have a lucrative co-operation with external partners, that fact set aside we would not have managed to obtain the same success. Between us we are capable to convince the customers that we have the right technical solutions. Our success is not the result of one persons work, but the effort of a dedicated team of Grundfos and external experts, states Massimo Di Nicola.

Increased knowledge
For Grundfos the perspectives in the daily work of not only the sales people in the north-westerly corner of Italy, but also the country’s other sales teams is to increase the knowledge of Grundfos through its involvement in the event.
- With orders like these, we can show that we can manage large contracts. We can emphasise that we have competence in many fields, and that we are capable of delivering total solutions. This is important when we tender for contracts. It is also our clear impression that our technology, the short time span from order to delivery and especially our after sales service have helped open many doors. Besides, many customers point out that the qualifications of our sales people are better than the norm in the market. This means that our sales people are able to offer advice and proposals which the customers are often not aware of themselves. This gives us a clear advantage, but it also commits us to having an edge when it comes to market expectations, explains Massimo Di Nicola on behalf of the sales team.

Great expectations
In the Turin area they have great expectations of the Games. The city and region have poured ample resources into making the Games a success. The expectations of Grundfos Italy are slightly more moderate, even though the plan is to use the Games to draw attention to Grundfos.
- We're taking the opportunity to invite customers and business connections to selected events. It is an occasion to meet informally, but also a chance to point out where and to which facilities we have supplied systems, of course. Personally, I look forward very much to watching some of the events. I live in Turin and use the mountains in the winter. So it'll be an experience to see the world's best athletes in action more or less in my back garden, says Massimo Di Nicola.