Grundfos launches sophisticated controls for network sewage stations

The Dedicated Controls are designed for controlling up to two pumps and a mixer/flush valve in sewage pumping stations. This makes them obvious choices for network systems, commercial buildings and similar applications.

Expanded functionalities
The Dedicated Controls system builds on Grundfos’ experience with level controls but greatly expands the functionalities.

Says Jens Skødt, Business Developer for Grundfos: “We have expanded the monitoring functions to include pumped volume and overflow durations. The communication options have also been expanded to offer SCADA and BMS communication using GSM/GPRS. This allows users to communicate with their pumping station by mobile phone.”

“A large graphic display,” continues Mr Skødt, “shows a visualisation of the pumping station, making it easy to find the information required – and to adjust any settings.”

Supported by PC tool
The Dedicated Controls system can be used with Grundfos’ own PC tool. Mr Skødt explains: “The PC tool can be used to set up and commission the pumping station – and to create backups of your settings and parameters. And once the station is up and running, the PC Tool offers a full set of functionalities – on-site or from a remote location.”

Part of a system approach
The Dedicated Controls system reflects how Grundfos has grown from being primarily a pump manufacturer to become a wide-ranging developer of pumping systems and environmental technology.

“Grundfos offers prefabricated and customised pumping station on any scale, including all fittings, valves, and controls,” explains Mr Skødt. “And pumps, of course. Everything fits together perfectly, and the Dedicated Controls solution adds extra functionalities for those who want them.”

The Dedicated Controls system is well supported throughout MENA. For more information, please go to our Water Utility site