Grundfos LIFELINK expanding in East Africa

Grundfos LIFELINK recently signed a strategic agreement of cooperation with the Ugandan government and the Danish Embassy in Uganda about the establishment of four water projects with LIFELINK technology. The projects will be financed by the Danish Embassy in Uganda.
- Cooperation with the government of Uganda is an important milestone in our long-term strategy of spreading LIFELINK to the whole of East Africa. We have obtained great recognition for our sustainable approach to water projects and we are looking forward to extending our activities in Uganda with more collaborators to ensure we may expand our business and so thousands of people may get access to clean drinking water, said Spencer Ochieng, General Manager of Grundfos LIFELINK in Kenya.

From project to water reform
Based on the result of the four water projects, the Ugandan Water Ministry will decide whether the LIFELINK technology will be a major part of the reformation of the water sector in Uganda in the coming years.
- We regard Grundfos LIFELINK as an innovative concept with the potential of addressing the major challenges regarding sustainable supply of clean and safe drinking water for villages and rural growth centres, said Mr David O.O.Obong, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Water and Environment in Uganda.

Water supply in towns
The water projects will be driven by local water supply companies in Uganda. They will be established in the outskirts of towns, where the infrastructure isn't able to keep up with the rapid population growth and extreme poverty is dominant.
- The LIFELINK systems are ideal as they are very easily installed and because the closed and automatic payment system makes it easy to demand user's fee, and so the water supply companies can maintain and operate water supply - also in the future. In addition the users get access to clean drinking water at lower cost than what they used to pay, said Mr Ochieng.